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November 20th News: Thanksgiving Preparations
New this week we have: bunched arugula and swiss chard.

We have plenty of amazing produce for your Thanksgiving Day meals including: apples, beets, carrots, cabbage, celeriac, winter squash, sweet potatoes, potatoes, rutabagas, peppers, herbs, an abundance of fresh greens and much more! We also have delicious bread, bagels, yogurt, pudding, cheese, maple syrup, granola, and local meat.

We may have the ability to source some 10 lb boxes of frozen NH blueberries (from Pittsfield, NH) at ~$5.00/lb. Please let me know if you might be interested. We also may be able to source some fresh cranberries from Massachusetts - again if interested, please let me know.

November Harvest of the Month is Kale! Check out the website for some great recipes and free educational materials for your cafeteria or shop.

Don't forget - order your bread and bagels Friday if you want it for our next delivery!

Thanks for your support!
Order on-line at
or call Sara at (802) 289-9440
Deliveries call Tracy at (802) 671 5430

WEDNESDAY Delivery Order Deadlines
Bagels/Bread by FRIDAY 4:00pm
Produce/Yogurt/Other by MONDAY 12:00pm
FEATURE INVENTORY Sustainably Grown Carrots
Item No: 13132
Category: Carrots
Description: Sustainably Grown
Vendor: Tracie's Community Farm, LLC
Unit: 50 lb
Price: 50.00
FEATURE INVENTORY Ambrosia - Sweet and Small!
Item No: 13374
Category: Apples
Description: Ambrosia - Sweet and Small!
Vendor: Green Mountain Orchards
Unit: Case
Price: 30.00
Item No: 14341
Category: Spinach
Description: Organic Spinach
Vendor: Westminster Organics & Harlow Farm
Unit: 5lb bag
Price: 25.00
Weight: 5.00
medium sized leaves
FEATURE INVENTORY Cranberry Pecan Thin Sliced
Item No: 14831
Category: Bread
Description: Cranberry Pecan Thin Sliced
Vendor: The Bread Shed
Unit: Loaf (2.5) lb loaf
Price: 4.95
Weight: 2.50
This is one of our most popular products. This loaf has a nice soft yet hearty interior. It has a mild sweetness from the cranberries and molasses.
FEATURE INVENTORY baby loose leaf, washed
Item No: 1613
Category: Arugula
Description: baby loose leaf, washed
Vendor: Old Athens Farm
Unit: 2 lb bag
Price: 17.85
Weight: 2.00
FEATURE INVENTORY Organic - bunched arugula
Item No: 16560
Category: Arugula
Description: Organic - bunched arugula
Vendor: Westminster Organics & Harlow Farm
Unit: bunch
Price: 2.00
Organic green house grown arugula. Larger than average leaves, and bunched. Still tender.
FEATURE INVENTORY Organic, orange flesh, mixed sizes, avg 75 ct
Item No: 2247
Category: Sweet Potatoes
Description: Organic, orange flesh, mixed sizes, avg 75 ct
Vendor: Picadilly Farm
Unit: 45 lb box
Price: 78.00
Weight: 45.00
FEATURE INVENTORY Organic seconds, small or irregular
Item No: 2250
Category: Sweet Potatoes
Description: Organic seconds, small or irregular
Vendor: Picadilly Farm
Unit: 20 lbs
Price: 18.00
Weight: 20.00
Small and irregular sizes. A few healed cuts--totally usable.
FEATURE INVENTORY Organic Peeled & Halved Butternut
Item No: 2596
Category: Squash - Winter
Description: Organic Peeled & Halved Butternut
Vendor: Westminster Organics & Harlow Farm
Unit: 10#
Price: 14.00
Weight: 10.00
FEATURE INVENTORY Red Beets, Loose, Organic
Item No: 2666
Category: Beets
Description: Red, Loose, Organic
Vendor: Picadilly Farm
Unit: 25 lb
Price: 34.00
Weight: 25.00
FEATURE INVENTORY Organic white potatoes
Item No: 2667
Category: Potatoes
Description: Organic white potatoes
Vendor: Picadilly Farm
Unit: 50 lb
Price: 50.00
Weight: 50.00
Item No: 3131
Category: Arugula
Description: bunch
Vendor: Dutton Berry Farm
Unit: bunch
Price: 1.80
Weight: 1.00
FEATURE INVENTORY Weekly Special - Currant Rye
Item No: 4881
Category: Bread
Description: Weekly Special
Vendor: orchard hill breadworks
Unit: boule
Price: 4.45
Weight: 1.25
Different bread each week, from cinnamon raisin to onion pepper parmesan. Check website for this week's bread:
Item No: 491
Category: Garlic
Vendor: Tracie's Community Farm, LLC
Unit: bunch (10)
Price: 10.00
Stores through June
FEATURE INVENTORY Raw cow's milk swiss wheel
Item No: 9905
Category: Cheese
Description: Raw cow's milk swiss wheel
Vendor: Sawyer's Artisanal Cheese
Unit: 4 lb round wheel approx
Price: 57.50
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