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January 20th: Annual Meeting Coming Soon!
Hope you are all staying warm in this windy weather. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming Annual Meeting on Thursday, February 4th. If you haven't seen an email invitation yet, please contact Sara as you should have received one last week.

Currently Available This Week: apples, beets, cabbage, carrots, celeriac, chard, garlic, kale, kohlrabi, onions, parsnips, potatoes, rutabaga, salad greens, sweet potatoes, turnips, winter squash, parsley and rosemary, wild mushroom medleys, and more! We also have delicious bread, bagels, yogurt (NEW lemon flavor), pudding, cheese, eggs, maple syrup, granola, cider, condiments, and local beef, lamb and pork.

Welcome to Basin Farm in Westminster, VT. Basin Farm has been a member of Windham Farm & Food for many years. We asked them to list some of their produce on Monadnock Menus as a number of our farms did not have as many storage crops for this year.

We are working on supplementing our offerings with a couple other NH farms that are outside the county, to get us through the coldest, darkest months. Please let me know if you have any questions.

January Harvest of the Month is Parsnips! Check out the website for some great recipes and free educational materials for your cafeteria or shop.

Thanks again everyone! Hope to see you on February 4th!
Sara & Hannah & Tracy

Upcoming Events:
MM Annual Meeting: Thursday, February 4th, 12:00 - 2:30 pm (lunch provided) at Stonewall Farm, Keene.

RMA Organic Growers Meeting: Wednesday, February 10th, 8:30 am - 3:00 pm, Concord, NH

Order on-line at
or call Sara at (802) 289-9440
Deliveries call Tracy at (802) 671 5430

WEDNESDAY Delivery Order Deadlines
Bagels/Bread by FRIDAY 4:00pm
Produce/Yogurt/Other by MONDAY 12:00pm
Item No: 1217
Category: Parsnips
Description: Organic Parsnips
Vendor: Harlow Farm
Unit: 25 lb
Price: 40.00
Weight: 25.00
Item No: 1246
Category: Apples
Description: Cortland
Vendor: Green Mountain Orchards
Unit: bushel
Price: 30.00
Weight: 40.00
Medium and larger size apples
FEATURE INVENTORY organic red beets
Item No: 13354
Category: Beets
Description: organic red beets
Vendor: Basinfarm
Unit: 5 lb bag
Price: 8.00
Weight: 5.00
organic red beets
FEATURE INVENTORY Organic kohlrabi (kossak)
Item No: 15125
Category: Kohlrabi
Description: Organic kohlrabi (kossak)
Vendor: Basinfarm
Unit: 15 lb bag
Price: 18.00
these are the larger storage variety
FEATURE INVENTORY NEW Non Fat Greek: Lemon (5.3 oz)
Item No: 20911
Category: Yogurt
Description: NEW Non Fat Greek: Lemon (5.3 oz)
Vendor: Commonwealth Dairy
Unit: Case (12 units)
Price: 10.05
Weight: 5.00
0% Greek Lemon blended (5.3 OZ)
FEATURE INVENTORY Organic Red Cabbage, 25#
Item No: 20931
Category: Cabbage
Description: Organic Red Cabbage, 25#
Vendor: Harlow Farm
Unit: 25 lb
Price: 20.00
Weight: 25.00
Organic Red Cabbage. 25# cases.
Item No: 20948
Category: Celeriac
Description: Organic Celeriac
Vendor: Basinfarm
Unit: 15 lb bag
Price: 25.00
FEATURE INVENTORY organic garlic
Item No: 20994
Category: Garlic
Description: organic garlic
Vendor: Basinfarm
Unit: 3 lb bag
Price: 25.00
Weight: 3.00
FEATURE INVENTORY Small Honeycrisp- 175 size
Item No: 5160
Category: Apples
Description: Small Honeycrisp- 175 size
Vendor: Dutton Berry Farm
Unit: bushel
Price: 30.00
Weight: 40.00
hand sorted, eco-grown (IPM). Great for kids
FEATURE INVENTORY Gilfeather Turnips
Item No: 8670
Category: Turnips
Description: Gilfeather
Vendor: Dutton Berry Farm
Unit: 45 lb.
Price: 45.00
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