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June 5th - Harvest of the Month - Herbs
Wow - it's June already! Where has the time gone?

Thanks to all the schools who have supported our local producers over the 2013-14 school year. We look forward to serving you in 2014-15. Enjoy the summer wherever you may be.

Please do let us know if there are any changes to note for those of you who will still have some summer activities. And if you have any feedback for how we can improve upon our service for next school year, please pass ideas along to Sara. Thanks!

SUMMER 2.5oz BAGEL AVAILABILITY - Just one week left to order the 2.5 oz bagels from Elm City for this summer! Final delivery day is Friday, 13th June.

We are looking forward to a great summer season with all our producers and buyers. Please do spread the word about WFF to others who may be interested in supporting the local food economy.

Thanks again!

Order on-line at
or call Sara at (802) 289-9440
Deliveries call Tracy at (802) 671-5430

Bread/Bagels by FRIDAY 4:00 PM
Produce/Yogurt/Other by MONDAY 8:00 AM

Bread/Bagels by MONDAY 4:00 PM
Produce/Yogurt/Other by THURSDAY 8:00 AM
Feature Vendor
Dutton Berry Farm
The Dutton Berry Farmstands on Route 30 in Newfane, Route 11-30 in Manchester, and Route
9 in West Brattleboro, Vermont
are well known their Vermont
grown produce and other unique local products.

Whether it is fresh farmer-grown fruits and vegetables, cider,
maple syrup, or plants, you’ll enjoy visiting a true Vermont farm experience.
Check out Dutton's on-line at
Feature Vendor
Old Athens Farm
The Old Athens Farm is a small family run NOFA certified organic farm in Westminster, Vermont. Since 1989 Michael Collins has been dedicated to growing the highest quality produce for the local market. Our produce can currently be found at many local stores and farm stands, as well as at the Brattleboro Area Farmer’s Market and the Londonderry Farmer’s Market. Our specialty has long been early season greenhouse crops. We have developed a reputation for producing the earliest tomatoes and cucumbers year after year. When customers say, “Those tomatoes taste like real tomatoes.” I can proudly say that it is because they are real tomatoes, grown organically in rich dirt, tended with perfect care, and picked extremely ripe. Taste and freshness come first at the Old Athens Farm.
Write or phone us at:

Old Athens Farm CSA
463 Daigel Rd.
Putney Vt. 05346

(802) 722-9047
FEATURE INVENTORY Rosemary, Fresh-cut Bunches
Category: Rosemary
Description: Fresh-cut Bunches
Vendor: Dutton Berry Farm
Unit: fresh-cut bunch
Price: 1.80
Weight: 0.30
FEATURE INVENTORY Curly Parsley, bunches
Category: Parsley
Description: Curly, bunches
Vendor: Dutton Berry Farm
Unit: bunch
Price: 1.80
Weight: 0.30
FEATURE INVENTORY Cilantro, Fresh-cut bunches
Category: Cilantro
Description: Fresh-cut bunches
Vendor: Dutton Berry Farm
Unit: Bunch
Price: 1.80
Weight: 0.30
FEATURE INVENTORY Fresh organic cilantro
Category: Cilantro
Description: Fresh organic cilantro
Vendor: Old Athens Farm
Unit: 6 bunches
Price: 12.35
Weight: 0.75
Category: Mints
Vendor: Dutton Berry Farm
Unit: Bunch
Price: 1.80
FEATURE INVENTORY Carrot 1/2" dice, frozen
Category: Frozen Items
Description: Carrot 1/2" dice, frozen
Vendor: Vermont Food Venture Center
Unit: 15# Case
Price: 26.85
Weight: 15.00
5lb bags of 1/2" diced frozen carrots, great for soups, chicken pot pies, and the like. Carrots are from Deep Root Organic Cooperative in Johnson, VT. 3x5# bags per case.
We currently have a few cases in stock so they will be delivered with your regular order - no delay!
FEATURE INVENTORY Rosemary, Fresh Cut Bunches
Category: Rosemary
Description: Fresh Cut Bunches
Vendor: Dutton Berry Farm
Unit: 12 ct
Price: 14.40
Weight: 4.00