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January 30th: Save the Date - February 12th
Hope that you are enjoying the bit of snow that has finally arrived!

Please make sure you have Saved-the-Date for Thursday, February 12th, 2:00 pm at The Gleanery, for some food, celebration, and conversation! A formal invitation will be sent next Monday, so keep a look out. We hope to see you there!

February Harvest of the Month is Cabbage. Be sure to check out the website for recipes, activities and more. 2015 HoM calendars are still available so let us know if you would like one.

New this week: 32 oz Maple Greek Yogurt.
Available This Week: apples, potatoes, butternut squash, beets, carrots, cabbage, onions, parsnips, turnips, rutabaga, celeriac, sweet potatoes, kale, fresh herbs, sprouts, eggs, trail mixes, bread, bagels, yogurt, pudding, cheese, granola, maple syrup, flour and local chicken. Salad greens should hopefully become available again in the next few weeks.

Order on-line at
or call Sara at (802) 289-9440
Deliveries call Tracy at (802) 671-5430

Bread/Bagels by FRIDAY 4:00 PM
Produce/Yogurt/Other by MONDAY 8:00 AM

Bread/Bagels/Four Star Farms by MONDAY 4:00 PM
Produce/Yogurt/Other by THURSDAY 8:00 AM
FEATURE INVENTORY Non Fat Maple Greek Quart (32 oz) - NEW ITEM
Category: Yogurt
Description: Non Fat Maple Greek Quart (32 oz) - NEW ITEM
Vendor: Commonwealth Dairy
Unit: Case (6 units)
Price: 25.50
Weight: 13.00
Green Mountain Creamery Maple Greek Yogurt made with pure maple syrup.
FEATURE INVENTORY Free range, GMO free eggs
Category: Chicken
Description: Free range, GMO free eggs
Vendor: Allen Bros Farm
Unit: dozen
Price: 3.25
FEATURE INVENTORY Organic Butternut Squash
Category: Frozen Items
Description: Organic Butternut Squash
Vendor: Harlow Farm
Unit: 5 #
Price: 13.00
Weight: 5.00
Frozen pureed organic butternut squash, packed in a 5# bag.
Category: Cabbage
Description: Organic Red
Vendor: basinfarm
Unit: 40 lbs.
Price: 28.00
Category: Cabbage
Description: Organic Red
Vendor: basinfarm
Unit: 20 lb
Price: 17.00
Category: Cabbage
Description: Organic Green
Vendor: Harlow Farm
Unit: 45 lbs
Price: 35.00
Weight: 45.00
FEATURE INVENTORY Organic Green Cabbage
Category: Cabbage
Description: Organic Green Cabbage
Vendor: Harlow Farm
Unit: 25 lb
Price: 19.00
Weight: 25.00
FEATURE INVENTORY Gluten Free Bagutte (Seconds)
Category: Bread
Description: Gluten Free Bagutte (Seconds)
Vendor: Against the Grain
Unit: 12 baguettes
Price: 15.00
Our baguettes are crusty on the outside, chewy on the inside, and full of flavor. Each baguette is approximately twelve inches in length, with a serving size of about one/third baguette per serving. You can make great subs, hoagies, grinders, and cheese steak sandwiches. Whatever you call it, our baguettes make great sandwich material.