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Welcome Westminster Meats to our network!
They are currently offering their own premium, fresh-frozen 100% ground beef made from all natural, humanely, local(VT,NH) grass-fed Black Angus steers. Beef is vacuum packed in ten, 1 lb plus packets.

Fresh (unfrozen) ground beef is also available at the same price with one-week preorder

50lb pack also avaialble
See http://westminstermeats.com/default.aspx to learn all about Westminster Meats!
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Westminster Meats
Located in Westminster Station, Vermont, Westminster Meats is a new state of the art, USDA inspected slaughterhouse and meat processing plant. Services include beef, pork, lamb, and poultry. Food Safety and humane animal treatment are our top priorities! This is evident in the design of our new "state of the art" facility. We focus on maintaining an environment for producing products that exceed the highest food safety standards. Vigorous product quality monitoring, customer specifications and USDA inspection are utilized to establish and implement meaningful standard operating procedures for the processing and distribution of our products.

Westminster Meats features the first and only THERMAL INTERVENTION UNIT (pasteurization) in New England. This process has been successfully proven to eliminate highly pathogenic E.Coli.

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802 722 3133
Dan Mannich
USDA Slaughtering and Meat Processing of Beef, Pork, Lamb, and Poultry
Now offering their own USDA Inspected premium ground beef from grass-fed local Black Angus