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Jan 5 Update--Fresh Organic Spinach plus Onions, Carrots, and Potatoes from Walker Farm!
With their winter CSA just behind them, Walker Farm still has great frost-sweetened spinach in their green houses, as well as outstanding onions, carrots and potatoes (soon to be posted). This stock is limited and selling out soon, so please order now and enjoy!

Other news:
Greek Maple Yogurt is back by popular demand at Commonwealth! Non-fat 32 oz is coming SOON, and a 32 oz vanilla is right around the corner!

West minster organics has plenty of orange and nutty pealed butternut--Please snap it up as Windham County VEGI OF THE MONTH!

Duttons Gilfeathers are sweet and crunchy--serve them raw as a snack or in salads, or add them to stews or stir frys.

Green Mountain Orchard Apple out of nitrogen storage are always just-picked crisp!

Just-baked premium Granola is a healthy and satisfying winter warmer. A little goes a long way on on yogurt or in a salad bar. Serve it up from our top-notch Brattleboro granola makers, Spirit Hill and True North! You must try it to understand its value.
WFFN is Growing and Changing--Important News!
As many of you know, WFFN had a great year and is expanding to support its continued growth in 2012. Our 2011 Report is available by request ([email protected]).

We are thrilled to announce that as of this week WFFN is a collaboration of Post Oil Solutions and UVM Extension. Details coming shortly to our home page.

The first change you will notice is that we will include ALL costs in the price of the product. Thus invoices will no longer include a "10% Market Fee" after the subtotal, and the price of the products will go up slightly to include getting it from the farm to you. But don't worry, without the 10% add on, your overall cost should not change significantly. FYI, for 2012 we are shooting to run WFFN as a non-profit aggregation and delivery service on a 15% margin-- Wish us all luck!

In our new non-profit structure, an executive committee will meet this winter to make decisions on the networks future structure, logistics and governance.

Please contact me at 802 579 5519 or by email at [email protected] if you would like to be part of this process. Your role could be a little as looking at proposals and chipping in from afar, or as much as serving on this executive committee and attending a couple of meetings.
Getting Healthy Food from Farms in your Community is Quick and Easy!
See all inventory below--click items to go to the order platform. Order by Monday 9 am for Tuesday Delivery 1/10. AND call me anytime with questions or to order.

Hans 802 579 5519
Feature Vendor
Walker Farm
Today, Walker Farm has evolved into a retail operation that prides itself in the quality of premium products and friendly service that have kept the farm successful and respected. Nineteen greenhouses grow over 1200 annual and perennial flowers started from seed as well as hundreds of varieties of propagated plants from around the world. Display gardens and the scenic views of the Connecticut River valley provide a splendid backdrop for a brilliant rainbow of spring bloomers offered for sale in the farm's garden center. Thirty acres of carefully nurtured land supply the seasonal farmstand with flavorful, certified organic vegetables and fruit from June until Thanksgiving. The daily harvesting, the dedication of the wonderful staff, the grazing cows and calves, all combine to help keep the community in touch with the peacefulness of sustainable agriculture. The generations of Walker Farm each add their own signature to the ever-changing portrait that continues to remind one year by year of the temporary nature of the human condition and the fascinating permanence of the sacred land.

Visit us on-line at
Phone: 802.254.2051
Fax: 802.254.1173
Owners: Jack, Karen & Kristin Manix
Address: Walker Farm 1190 US Route 5, East Dummerston, VT 05346
Hours: 10 AM to 6 PM every day mid-April to Thanksgiving
E-mail: [email protected]
Visit us on-line at
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