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Food Connects - Monadnock Menus Newsletter

Jan 11 Update--New Co-coordinator Richard Berkfield on board plus cooked and pealed frozen butternut squash from Westminister Organics, and small and delicious organic potatoes from Walker Farm!
Beginning with this week's delivery, Post Oil Solutions is now co-coordinating the Network. Richard Berkfield will be handling the day to day logistics and some driving, while Hans focuses on further development. Please contact Richard at (248) 904 8347 or [email protected].

Other news:
Westminster Organics has a limited supply of cooked and pealed frozen butternut squash, as well as plenty of squash ready to be pealed. Please help us celebrate squash as the Veggie of the Month!

Walker Farm has the only organic potatoes--washed and many small enough to roast without cutting! And a wide variety.

Green Mountain Orchard apples out of nitrogen storage are always just-picked crisp!
Order on-line at www.windhamfarmandfood.org or call me by Next Tuesday Morning Jan 17, 10am (...but remember to order Fresh Bread by Saturday afternoon)
FEATURE INVENTORY Organic Pealed Butternut, cooked and frozen
Category: Squash Winter
Description: Organic Pealed Butternut, cooked and frozen
Vendor: Westminster Organics
Unit: 7# bag
Price: 17.50
Weight: 7.00
Category: Parsnips
Vendor: Westminster Organics
Unit: 25 lb
Price: 38.00
Weight: 25.00
FEATURE INVENTORY Org. Bite-Size Yellow Butterball
Category: Potatoes
Description: Org. Bite-Size Yellow Butterball
Vendor: Walker Farm
Unit: 20 lb
Price: 26.00
Weight: 20.00
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