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March 8 Update-- Veggie of the Month! Rutabega!

New Item! Elm City Bagels! Freeze them for freshness!

Non-fat Vanilla yogurt

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Thanks for all your support for the Veggie of the Month project. For this month ONLY, Westminster Organics is getting RUTABEGA from Blackwell Roots Farm in Cabot, VT. Rutabega fries are out of this world!

Don't forget to check out Elm City Bagels! Please order by Saturday night for fresh bagels on Tuesday! If the bagels are not being used within a day of the Tuesday delivery they should be frozen. They then can be thawed at room temperature and they will be like fresh! But is important that they not be thawed in a walk in cooler or refrigerator.

Thanks to our friends at Commonwealth Dairy, and feedback from you buyers, we have a new product for you: non-fat Vanilla yogurt, perfect for parfaits! Please order it up and give Commonwealth feedback. If all goes well, it will be a regular product!

If you are on Facebook, check us out! We hope that this social media will be a place for all of us to communicate and share what we are doing in relation to the WFFN.


Please contact Richard at (248) 904 8347 or [email protected].

Other news:
Green Mountain Orchard apples out of nitrogen storage are always just-picked crisp!
Order on-line at www.windhamfarmandfood.org or call me by Next Monday Morning March 12 , 10am (...but remember to order Fresh Bread and Bagels by Saturday night!)
Feature Vendor
Elm City Bagels & Deli
Elm City Bagels is a small, family run bakery in Keene providing the community and surrounding towns with the freshest bagels and bread in the area. Our ingredients are simple...unbleached, unbromated flour, water, brown sugar, malt syrup, yeast and salt. Each bagel and loaf of bread is made by hand from start to finish using a generations old recipe - the true "New York" tradional boil and bake method. We bake fresh everyday in our stonehearth oven to provide our customers with the freshest product available.

We supply local district schools, co-ops, private schools, delis, country stores and hospitals, both in Vermont and New Hampshire, with our 2.5 oz. bagels as well as our 4 oz bagels.

We are the only bakery in the Keene/Brattleboro area to make their bagels from scratch on-site , then bake them fresh for you. We make it! We bake it!
Pat & Kim Stack
255 West St., Keene NH
Locally made bagels from scratch
2.5 oz. plain, sesame seed & poppy seed bagels
We make it! We bake it!
Coming Soon ...
We will be providing additonal varities in the near future
FEATURE INVENTORY Non Fat Light Vanilla with Stevia Quart (32 oz)
Category: Yogurt
Description: Non Fat Light Vanilla with Stevia Quart (32 oz)
Vendor: Commonwealth Dairy
Unit: Case (6 units)
Price: 12.40
Weight: 12.00
Green Mountain Creamery Brand
Our light yogurt is made with natural Rebiania sweetener extracted from the Stevia rebaudiana plant instead of Aspartame like most of the big brands(no Phenylketonurics warning needed)- and because we believe sometime more of a good thing is even better, our light yogurt is fortified with Vitamins A, D and Calcium.
FEATURE INVENTORY organic, trimmed and washed
Category: Rutabaga
Description: organic, trimmed and washed
Vendor: Westminster Organics
Unit: 25 lb
Price: 38.24
Weight: 25.00
Sourced especially for Vegi of the Month (March 2012) from Blackwell Roots Farm in Cabot, VT. Westminster Organic lost this crop during Hurricane Irene Flooding
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