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January 23: Fresh Local Food even in the Depths of Winter!
BRRRRR!!!! The January thaw has come and gone and we are right back in the thick of winter with single digit days and subzero nights. But, ask any farmer and they will tell you that these temperatures are important for controlling the pest population. So, you can take some solace in that....maybe.

Things are heating up with Windham Farm and Food, though, as we move toward our launch party. Check out the carrot above, which is part of our new logo that we hope you and others will start to see more often and in more places. And our online push to raise some revenue for our launch continues...


Peeled butternut squash and sweet potatoes are back, thanks to our friends at Basin Farm. And check out our growing meat selection with the new addition of cuts of lamb from Rod at Dayspring Farm. Stay warm!!!
Order on-line at www.windhamfarmandfood.org
or call Andy at (802) 258-8330

Bread/Bagels by FRIDAY night
Produce/Yogurt/Other by SUNDAY evening

Bread/Bagels by TUESDAY night
Produce/Yogurt/Other by WEDNESDAY evening
Feature Vendor
The Basin Farm is located in the Connecticut river valley and has the saxtons river flowing through it. We grow a variety of vegetables and some berries, grow a variety of grains and make hay. We are a certified organic farm and strive to produce quality food.
David Langmaid
Basin Farm
Bellows Falls, VT
[email protected]
We have cows for milk and meat and make cheese and yogurt. We have goats for milk and making cheese.
Farmers Markets
We attend farmers markets during the season offering a variety of vegetables, berries, plant starts in the spring and even bread.
FEATURE INVENTORY Organic peeled butternut
Category: Squash Winter
Description: Organic peeled butternut
Vendor: basinfarm
Unit: 10#
Price: 15.50
Butternut squash peeled fresh when ordered and cut into chunks
FEATURE INVENTORY orange flesh organic
Category: Sweet Potatoes
Description: orange flesh organic
Vendor: basinfarm
Unit: 20 lbs
Price: 30.00
Medium sized covington sweet potatoes. Covington is very similar to Beauregard. Minor imperfection. Very tasty.