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May 29: Lettuce Galore!
While dealing with an aphid infestation on tomato and pepper plants that I started in my small greenhouse and becoming frustrated with their persistence, I was again reminded of how lucky we are to have such exceptional growers in this area. The volume of food produced right here in Windham County is astounding and could actually feed us if that is all that were available to eat!

My hope is that more and more people start using this network to support those producers and then are inspired to grow some things themselves.

Lots of head lettuce - romaine, green and red leaf, green boston - on the inventory now as well as an ever expanding variety of greens and other items.

Don't forget, you can follow us on twitter @WFF2You! Please share your thoughts on how we can continue to improve this network.

And, if you are interested in marching in the Strolling of the Heifers on behalf of WFF, let me know!

Order on-line at www.windhamfarmandfood.org
or call Andy at (802) 258-8330

Bread/Bagels by FRIDAY night
Produce/Yogurt/Other by SUNDAY evening

Bread/Bagels by TUESDAY night
Produce/Yogurt/Other by WEDNESDAY evening
Feature Vendor
Westminster Organics
Harlow Farm has been in our family since 1918, and has been certified organic since 1985. Visit us on-line at
Paul and Elizabeth Harlow
Route 5, 1/4 mile N of exit 5 off I-91
Westminster, VT 05158
(802) 722-3515/(802) 722-9203 f-(802) 722-4211
[email protected]
FEATURE INVENTORY Young organic loose leaf
Category: Spinach
Description: Young organic loose leaf
Vendor: Old Athens Farm
Unit: 3 lb bag
Price: 17.00
Weight: 1.00
Category: Lettuce
Description: Red Leaf
Vendor: Westminster Organics
Unit: 24 ct
Price: 27.00
Weight: 18.00
FEATURE INVENTORY Long Seedless European Greenhouse
Category: Cucumber
Description: Long Seedless European Greenhouse
Vendor: Old Athens Farm
Unit: 4 cukes
Price: 12.24
Weight: 0.75
Category: Rhubarb
Vendor: Dutton Berry Farm
Unit: 20 lb
Price: 30.00
Weight: 20.00
FEATURE INVENTORY Organic beet greens
Category: Greens Beet
Description: Organic beet greens
Vendor: Old Athens Farm
Unit: 6 count bunches
Price: 12.35
Weight: 3.00
Category: Lettuce
Description: Green Leaf
Vendor: Westminster Organics
Unit: 24 ct
Price: 27.00
Weight: 18.00