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February 19: Baptism by Snow! (Introducing the New Team)
Tracy and I wanted to introduce ourselves to you all, virtually, and make sure that you have our contact information moving forward. We look forward to working with you all to continue the great work that Andy has done. As Andy mentioned last week, I will be coordinating the operations and logistics, but the trucking (pick-ups and drop-offs) will be handled by Tracy Lake.

Hopefully the transition will be a smooth one (if the weather would cooperate!), but we appreciate your patience as we get up to speed. I would like to catch up with each of you, by phone at least, over the next couple weeks. Please feel free to contact me any time that works for you. We are always open to feedback, positive and constructive, and would love to hear from you.

More about our team:

Sara grew up in Central Maine and has spent much of her life in New England. While she’s always enjoyed eating, her real interest in food developed when her eyes were first opened in college, as to where the food she was eating actually came from. Since then she has become passionate about supporting and developing local, sustainable food systems.

She has spent years working for non-profits on a range of social and environmental issues, as well as obtaining a masters degree at UVM in natural resource planning. She has recently returned to New England after four and a half years in New Zealand, where she was working with a diverse community to restore a local urban stream and reconnect with their local environment. She has spent the past three months coordinating the Monadnock Menus program, modeled after Windham Farm & Food, operating in Cheshire County, NH. She is extremely excited about working with you to build upon the success of Windham Farm and Food in 2014. She currently lives on a farm in Putney with her husband and two awesome dogs.

Although Tracy grew up a 'townie' in the village of Grafton, Vermont, where he currently resides, his grandparents were Vermont farmers. Firsthand experience of farm life was introduced at 4 A.M. barn duty at the Putney School. The son of a logger, he began working in the woods soon after returning home from college and learned an appreciation for selective cut and woodland management from his father. Tracy's son Hayden is a forester. Currently working for Harlow Farm in Westminster, he enjoys learning modern organic farming methods and uses his experience to assist his daughter Norah on her Sweetland Farm in Norwich.
Order on-line at
or call Sara at (802) 289-9440
Deliveries call Tracy at (802) 376-3105

Bread/Bagels by FRIDAY 4:00 PM
Produce/Yogurt/Other by MONDAY 8:00 AM

Bread/Bagels by MONDAY 4:00 PM
Produce/Yogurt/Other by THURSDAY 8:00 AM
Feature Vendor
orchard hill breadworks
Welcome to Orchard Hill Breadworks!

We are a small, rural bakery located in beautiful southwest New Hampshire. Our operation is run out of a renovated barn located on our family owned farm We strive to produce foods that nourish the body and please the palate. We believe that making positive connections with people around food builds happier and healthier communities, and to that end we support the work of farms and organizations that share our hopes for a strong local food web. Please come see us if you can, or just tour the site if you aren’t able to make it to this neck of the woods.
121 Old Settlers Road | East Alstead | 03602 | (603) 835-7845 |
For More info see
FEATURE INVENTORY Oats So Good, a Museli
Category: Cereals
Description: Oats So Good, a Museli
Vendor: True North Granola Company
Unit: 10 lbs
Price: 67.50
Weight: 10.50
Rolled oats, rye flakes,wheat flakes, barley flakes, oat bran, raw sunflower seeds, raw pumpkin seeds, raw almonds, unsalted pecans, unsweetened organic coconut, dried cranberries infused with apple juice, dried unsulphered, unsweetened apples, sea salt, cloves and cinnamon.
About True North Granola
We make our granola and museli out of a passion for quality foods that taste delicious and are good for you. Every bag is chock-full of organic or natural unprocessed ingredients, and we take the greatest care in their selection. Our diligent quality control ensures that you receive the very best museli every time.
FEATURE INVENTORY Earth's Supergrains Gluten Free Porridge
Category: Cereals
Description: Earth's Supergrains Gluten Free Porridge
Vendor: Earth's Supergrains
Unit: 1.2 lb bag
Price: 7.00
Weight: 1.20
Certified Gluten Free Porridge contains: Oat Flakes, Buckwheat Groats, Quinoa, Teff, Amaranth, Millet, Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds
FEATURE INVENTORY Sliced Pumpernickel
Category: Bread
Description: Sliced Pumpernickel
Vendor: orchard hill breadworks
Unit: 9"x5" loaf
Price: 4.45
Weight: 1.50
Same chewy rye in a convenient sliced form.
FEATURE INVENTORY Seeded Country Wheat
Category: Bread
Description: Seeded Country Wheat
Vendor: orchard hill breadworks
Unit: 9"x5" loaf
Price: 4.25
Weight: 2.00
A blend of whole grain and white flour for a light but nutritious loaf. Topped with toasted sesame and sunflower seeds.
FEATURE INVENTORY Gluten Free Bagutte (Seconds)
Category: Bread
Description: Gluten Free Bagutte (Seconds)
Vendor: Against the Grain
Unit: 12 baguettes
Price: 14.12
Our baguettes are crusty on the outside, chewy on the inside, and full of flavor. Each baguette is approximately twelve inches in length, with a serving size of about one/third baguette per serving. You can make great subs, hoagies, grinders, and cheese steak sandwiches. Whatever you call it, our baguettes make great sandwich material.
FEATURE INVENTORY Back Roads Granola ~ Original
Category: Cereals
Description: Back Roads Granola ~ Original
Vendor: Back Roads Granola
Unit: 28lb box
Price: 185.00
Weight: 30.00
Certified Organic Granola, locally produced in small batches and shipped daily.
All Organic Ingredients: Rolled oats, almonds, cashews, sunflower oil, honey, Vermont maple syrup, flame raisins, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, shredded coconut, coconut chips, sesame seeds, vanilla.
Category: Sprouts & Shoots
Description: Alfalfa Sprouts
Vendor: The Gill Greenery
Unit: lb.
Price: 3.25
Weight: 1.00
Category: Sprouts & Shoots
Description: Salad Mix Sprouts
Vendor: The Gill Greenery
Unit: lb.
Price: 3.25
Weight: 1.00
FEATURE INVENTORY 4.2 oz. energy (7 grain base, cranberries, raisins, walnuts)
Category: Bagels
Description: 4.2 oz. energy (7 grain base, cranberries, raisins, walnuts)
Vendor: Elm City Bagels & Deli
Unit: dozen
Price: 9.20